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Mercedes-Benz (1957) Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Matching numbers , Concours

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€ 189.500

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HCC holland car company

Noordbaan 804
2841 MG Moordrecht

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Categoria Carro
Ano de construçăo 1957
Marca Mercedes-Benz
Transmissăo Manual
Quilómetros 10 km
Combustível Gasolina
Engrenagens 4
Assentos 2
Portas 2
Cor Cinzento
Preço € 189500


Informaçăo objeto

This matching number 1957 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL is brand new. (US TITLE or Dutch or German License) The car has been taken apart and has been restored by some of the best people in the business. Even the clock has been taken apart and was completely refurbished. a restoration log with 1.800 pictures is available. this car is the top of the bill when u are searching for a good investment. Please contact us for more information. +31(0)182 634943. Your visit to our showroom is greatly appreciated

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